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There are two Kindle e-books:

     Book 1 has approximately 390 pages.  It focuses on Zion (including Kolob Canyon), Bryce and Cedar Breaks. En route we also visit over 20 related tours.  There are approximately 50 video, 220 Internet sites and 125 photographs.

     Book 2 contains approximately 1,000 pages.  It incorporates all Book 1’s parks and tours. It adds Kodachrome, Capitol Reef & Cathedral Valley, Canyonlands-Maze, Goblin Valley, Arches and Canyonlands-Island in the Sky Parks; and the town of Moab, Utah. En route we also visit over 50 related tours. Since Book 2 incorporates Book 1, there are a total of 11 parks and approximately 75 tours, 190 videos, 500 web sites and 350 photographs.
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Book Tour Content

     Our book is a combination of driving, walking, Mountain Biking and other tours such as rafting and horseback riding. Embedded in this text is the enduring history of pioneers who settled here when it was barren, except for native Indian occupation.

   Your exact location is accomplished by using a meticulous identification of mileposts (posts along the road indicating mileage) located at each mile (1.6 km) on every improved road. Where those mileposts are not available, we use actual miles from a designated reference point.

Book Navigation

     Book organization starts with the Table of Contents.  Under each of the Trips, there are individual Tours.  For example, Trip 1, From St. George, Utah to Zion. Below that Trip, there are 12 individual Tours.

     Clicking on a Table of Contents Trip or Tour quickly leaps you to that selection followed by many other Hyperlinks.